The Redress of the Past: Historical Pageants in Britain, 1905-2016

CONFERENCE: History in the Limelight: dramatising the past, c. 1850 to the present
8-10 September 2016
UCL Institute of Education, London.
The final programme is here.
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Welcome to the online home of The Redress of the Past, a major Arts and Humanities Research Council funded project examining historical pageants in twentieth-century Britain.

Subject to regular bouts of 'pageant fever', communities across England, Scotland and Wales staged theatrical re-enactments of events from local and national history with thousands of men, women and children involved as performers, organizers and spectators. This was national costume drama on a grand scale. Over the course of the twentieth century many hundreds of events were mounted by communities and institutions, ranging from small churches and village communities to large cities such as Liverpool and Manchester.

On our website you can find Featured Pageants, as well as regular Blogs about all aspects of the project and our research. Any talks we deliver will be listed on the Papers Presented page.

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