Preston Parish Church Pageant 1955

Preston Parish Church Pageant 1955

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Image sent by Paul William Morgan, the smallest boy in the front row of the photograph, holding a ball in his hand.

Paul Morgan remembers:

I think the photos must be at the Parish Church, which could be easily identified by some Prestonian.

We also I think paraded along Fishergate to reach the Methodist Church in Lune Street. I remember steps up between tall pillars. I think it was there my main action took place, as a figure in a crowd scene with the others on some staging. Mum (Mona Morgan), like other parents, had contrived costumes, and had made me a soft ball for me to throw & catch. I had to call out a couple of words, and was rather insulted to be told by a helper, that if I couldn't manage the Hebrew, I could say "ice cream", as that would sound like the real phrase - don't know what the original was supposed to be! Which particular Act we represented I haven't yet identified from the text.

Dad, Rev. Frank Charles Morgan, had not long been Curate at St. John's. He was in his thirties when he decided to train for the Ministry, so that was his first appointment, under Canon Fallows. Dad I think, having been involved in amateur dramatics on his native Tyneside, gladly took on devising this pageant. I still have the script he wrote, with illustrations. I guess it takes many incidents from the historical booklet by the Vicar published at that time. Besides organising the whole thing, he did the Narration to introduce the scenes.