St. Albans Pageant, 1907: Queen Elizabeth at Gorhambury.

Courtesy of St. Albans Museums.

Meet the Team: Alexander Hutton

We are delighted to be welcoming Dr Alexander Hutton to the project from the 1st October. Alexander says...

"I am a cultural historian of twentieth century Britain, with a particular interest in the ways in which the industrial past has been represented and remembered. My doctoral thesis at Darwin College, Cambridge covered a variety of topics including the adult education movement, the history of literary criticism, the Communist Party of Great Britain, and the British New Left. My interest in Pageantry stems from a number of events organized by institutions during the 1930s and 1940s to present and commemorate the industrial past and the struggle of ordinary people against tyranny and oppression: a struggle which was continued in the fight against fascism. These included the 1939 ‘Music and the People’ pageant held at the Albert Hall which featured music by Ralph Vaughan Williams and Benjamin Britten and was sung by the American singer and actor Paul Robeson. My other interests include swimming, cocktails, and abrasive, ‘cat-screaming’ contemporary classical music (though rarely all at the same time)."

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